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Essential Medical Massage & Wellness

2301 Ohio Dr, Ste 214, Plano, TX 75093

Essential Medical Massage

Specializing in Acute Pain, Rehabilitation and Cancer Care

Phoebe Courcy, LMT/MMP, RYT200

"I have been seeing Phoebe for over ten years, both for medical and oncology massage therapy. My most concentrated care from medical massage began in 2015 when I sustained a neck and brain injury. Medical massage, coupled with my physicians' care, has greatly helped with pain management of this lifelong injury, and Phoebe is always extremely accommodating, patient, and helpful with my limitations regarding the brain injury. In 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, the third cancer diagnosis of my life, and underwent a bilateral mastectomy and breast reconstruction. As a result of these surgeries, I was also diagnosed with lymphedema. Medical massage was instrumental in recovering full range of motion in both of my arms and in helping with pain management in the months following my multiple cancer-related surgeries. Medical massage has also complimented my lymphedema therapy and has assisted with the management of this disease. Phoebe's treatments have also provided me a quiet and safe place to retreat and relax during these stressful times in my life. Phoebe is absolutely wonderful, and I can’t possibly convey just how much she has helped me over the years! She is extremely knowledgeable, caring, and kind, and she is well-informed on the latest research in her field. I would recommend her to anyone thinking about adding medical massage to their treatment and/or rehabilitation plans. She can and will make a huge difference in your pain level and overall quality of life."

- Ashley O.

"I am so very thankful for Phoebe! I could tell from our first conversation she was a very caring person and could tell from my first visit she was a very skilled therapist. Following elbow replacement surgery, she was able to get my pain to a tolerable level very quickly and work on improving my range of motion at the same time. She takes a sincere interest in what you are experiencing and determining how to expedite the healing process. It is amazing how she can find the area bothering me before I even tell her about it. She is wonderful and I can't thank her enough!"

- Liz Y.

"I have been a client of Phoebe's for many years and she is one of several massage therapists I have used. She is by far the most knowledgeable, educated and effective therapists I've encountered. I have presented with various issues over the years she has been able to identify, fix and provide insightful discussion on how to address them long-term. Her experience and years of accumulated knowledge enables her to take a holistic approach to healing the body. Not only does she promote an active, healthy lifestyle, she lives it, demonstrating a personal integrity that is refreshing. She really cares about her clients well-being and provides them with insights on how they can improve it. Her office is well-located for this type of work and her office environment is both calming and inviting. Phoebe has been a positive experience in my life and this will undoubtedly continue for years to come."

- Chris T.

“Phoebe is a very skilled massage therapist who can quickly get to the root of an

issue, achieve excellent results, make her clients feel completely comfortable and

make the appropriate referrals when necessary. I refer my patients to her, as well

as myself and my family. I have heard nothing but rave reviews from those referrals

that echo my own impressions, and am very confident referring people to visit Phoebe.”

- Dr. Elena Still, Chiropractor

"I have been receiving medical massages from Phoebe for a few years. Each time I receive a massage from her, I am stunned and amazed by her gentle, powerful, individualized, care. Even though I've received skilled massages before, never have I ever experienced the therapist to be so knowledgeable, competent, and effective. Phoebe not only seems fully present, but is incredibly skilled. Her massage and transitions are seamless. I feel safe and so well taken care of. It's important to me especially when I am in pain, to feel as though the medical care I am receiving is personal, individualized, and correct. Phoebe's caring presence and expertise ensures that I feel that way every time I receive treatment. I feel complete trust."

- Juli J.

"Phoebe is fantastic! She treats me for stroke recovery and paralysis on my right side. She is smart, strong, sweet and simply the best!"

- Trissi B.

"Scoliosis has its challenges including pain and injury. Like the leaning tower of Pisa, one side carries the brunt of weight of the other side, affecting my neck and down to my legs. I started having back spasms by doing ordinary activities and they would go on for hours. Chiropractic and stretching alone were not working. Finally, I decided it was time to find a really good massage therapist and I found Phoebe. After our initial session together, the spasms were greatly reduced and since the second massage I haven't had anymore! Somehow she knows where my body is screaming for her to work on. My pain has almost completely diminished and my quality of life greatly improved. Phoebe has a gift of healing touch, and she is an essential part of managing my health and happiness."

- C.H.

“As a recipient of many massages during my lifetime, I am very pleased at the results of the massages Phoebe provides. She identifies the source of the trouble when I am only aware of the spots that it is referring pain to. This has translated into healing rather than just a temporary relief. Phoebe takes the time to massage the tissue at a pace more conducive to letting the muscles relax, as she can then get deep into the troubled area/s. Phoebe truly cares about the healing aspects of her massages. She does not use a “cookie-cutter” approach and tailors the massage to your specific needs. You never feel rushed with Phoebe, and she makes a therapeutic massage a very worthwhile experience. I would highly recommend her if you are having muscular problems, or even if you are not. I assure you that your body, all our bodies, benefit greatly from the skill of massage that Phoebe gives.”

- Lynn U.

"It is incredible how Phoebe can always locate the exact spot(s) where I am experiencing pain or discomfort. With her “magic hands” and expert knowledge of the musculo-skeletal system, she is ALWAYS able to make me feel great again. And I usually continue to feel great for a month or more. She also gives me written physical exercises to help me maintain my health and mobility."

- Don B.