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Essential Medical Massage

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Phoebe Courcy, LMT, MMP, CPMT

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Don't Overlook Self-Care

Posted on December 13, 2013 at 11:32 AM
Why do we wait so long to take care of ourselves?  Why must we experience pain before we really LISTEN to our bodies, and even then, how long does it take to do something about these body signals?  

We abuse and neglect our bodies, asking it to keep up with the hectic pace of our lifestyles.  If nothing hurts we must certainly be okay...right?  A perfect case of 'What we cannot see must not be there.' 

It's common to put the needs of others before our own...more so for some than others, such as caretakers of the sick, or parents of young children.  The kids come first.  Our parents come first.  Our clients or patients' needs come before our own.  You know this scenario.

Please take care of yourself now.  Make those necessary appointments.  Prevention, prevention, prevention.  Schedule maintenance bodywork and massage now.   Watch what you feed your body.  Get proper rest, both physically and mentally.  Make it a point to put self-care on your calender, just like anything else. 
Athletes in training, be sure to include bodywork sessions on your rest days. 

How can we take care of others if our own health is suffering?

The alternative:  Wake up one day in pain and wonder, "Oh no, What did I do?"

Categories: Mind/Body Connection

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