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Essential Medical Massage & Wellness

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Essential Medical Massage

Specializing in Acute Pain, Rehabilitation and Cancer Care

Phoebe Courcy, LMT, MMP, CPMT

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Jagged Little Pill

Posted on June 29, 2011 at 4:35 PM
This month's issue of Health Magazine has at least 11 advertisements for prescription drugs...11!  You can see commercials on the television for prescription drugs every 5-10 minutes.  Our country's health system is based on Big Pharma's 'diagnoses' and structured around treating symptoms with an RX pad.  What about treating the actual CAUSES of conditions such as rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, depression, allergies, etc? 

It is our duty as a society to research/find alternative, natural treatments for such conditions.  More importantly, we can prevent most of these conditions through healthy lifestyles.  I take full pride and pleasure in knowing that the focused massage treatments I provide, using a variety of techniques based on clients' needs, are an integral part of staying healthy and an effective treatment for pain relief.  There is a plethera of information out there offering information, research, articles, etc. that may offer more effective and safer alternatives to the ill side effects of precription drugs. is one such website that I use frequently. 

Now don't get me wrong...there is a place for prescription medications.  They have their place and their absolute necessities.  However, I urge you to ask questions, do your own research, and don't be afraid to ask your doctor for alternatives.  Make sure that you are willing to live with the possible side effects if beginning a new medication.

And of course...
"Talk to your doctor today about Essential Medical Massage for your symptoms.  Possible side effects may include (but not limited to): increased circulation; pain relief; lowered blood pressure; decreased joint pain; increased mobility/range of motion; lowered anxiety; feeling of calmness; happiness!"

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